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Quiksilver Originals Collection

Chilincha is a house in the French Basque countryside. It’s on a large plot of land in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, on a narrow windy road that leads to the surf. It’s filled with inspiration and incredible views. And for a week, it was filled with the crew.

The crew, meaning a group of creatives from different parts of the world. They’ve got different crafts, interests, ideas and energy. But for Quiksilver Originals, they came together to create something new. A new vibe. A new look. New friends and new visions. Individuality was celebrated, but a sense of oneness was born. They were united by authenticity. That’s what Quiksilver Originals is all about.


Melbourne, Australia

Phoebe is the voice of Bitch Diesel, a garage punk band fueled mostly by cheap wine and witchcraft. She has the rarest type of blood in the world and thinks it might be because she’s from another planet. Could be..

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Seoul, Korea

As a tattoo artist and graphic designer, Miki is always creating. She spends a lot of her life on the road, taking it all in, then making something out of it.

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Dana Point, California.

The perpetual chiller. We’re not sure what decade he’s from, or if a single decade could confine his personality and taste. He has a supernatural way of being comfortable anywhere.

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Auckland, New Zealand

Travel. Music. Protecting the environment and having fun. These are things that Jessica is passionate about, though she always seems to be happy regardless of what she’s doing.

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Manhattan Beach, California.

Good taste and good times. Noah has a knack for making things look good — whether it’s a carve on a wave or a pair of pants that he’s custom-tailoring.

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